The FIITBOX Functional Fitness classes are designed to put your body through natural movement patterns. The program uses functional exercises to strengthen and condition the body, therefore improving muscle tone, power and endurance.

In The FIITBOX TRAINING Program, we do not use machines. Our philosophy is all about moving the body and targeting every muscle. We incorporate balance, stability, strength, and skill components thus reducing the risk of injury during daily activities. Additionally, each class will include a cardiovascular training component to help improve body composition and metabolism. Weekly programming will utilize a combination of The FIITBOX’S favourite exercises:

CONDITIONING (concept 2 rower, air assault bike, running, etc.)
BARBELL (squat, deadlift, clean, presses, etc.)
DUMBBELLS (lunges, presses, rows)
GYMNASTICS (handstand holds, push-ups, pullups, and other bodyweight exercises)

Want to know what a class consists of at The FIITBOX?

Warm up
We take 10 minutes at the beginning of classes to get the body warmed up for the movements we will be performing in the next 45 minutes.

Sample warm up
4 sets
200 m run
10 box step ups
10 inch worms

Strength and accessory piece
At The FIITBOX we believe strength is the key to longevity. This portion of the class is where we take 20 minutes to work on squats, deadlifts, presses, planks, sled push, battle rope, rope climbs etc. These are just a few of many different exercises we teach. The workouts change every day so we can challenge the body and the mind in different ways. Don’t be intimidated everyone had to start somewhere, every exercise we perform can be modified to your fitness ability

Sample workout
5 stations
30 sec of work 30 sec of rest x 3 sets
Sled push 50 m
Handstand hold or shuffle
L hang from pull up bar
Battle rope
Air assault bike

Conditioning piece
Conditioning the heart and muscles are very important. At The FIITBOX we take great pride in programming workouts that are challenging but also a lot of fun. You will be building both your muscles and the condition of your heart in each workout we do.  Some of the workouts may look a little bit challenging but everyone is going at their own pace.

Sample workout
20 min time cap
Run 400 m/holding Medicine ball
70 air squats
60 m farmers carry/kb
Run 200 m/ holding medicine ball
60 v sits
60 m farmers carry/kb
Run 100 m/medicine ball
50 pushups
60 m farmers carry

If you are new to this type of training, don’t be intimidated! These fitness classes are open to all levels from beginner to advanced, and our knowledgeable strength and conditioning coaches can scale the workouts and movements to your specific needs and fitness levels.

  • FunctionalMembers, personal, or small group training
  • FlexibleFlexible hours, key fob access
  • ProfessionalQuality equipment and instruction
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